Large mix of tool series

Large mix of tool series

Hand tool selection guide tips
1、Whether there are cloudy oil stains on the surface
Where hardware products are involved, it is important to see whether the processing of anti-rust technology is to home. When shopping, you can see whether the product will leave a thick oil stain on the hands, whether the hands will be sticky, if there is this product is generally not qualified. In addition, you can identify through the sense of smell, if the product has a pungent odour, generally also in the production of the existence of omissions.

2, whether the word steel is clear
Hardware products will generally be printed with brand words, markings, etc., although small, but most of the genuine factory production using steel printing technology, and in the absence of heat treatment before the pressure of the word, so the font is small but concave deep, very clear. Counterfeit products, on the other hand, have blurred fonts and, due to the crude printing technique, the fonts float on the surface, some of which can even be easily erased by hand.

Hand tools

3, whether the outer packaging is clear
Hardware tools wholesale manufacturers have special design staff to design the packaging, and arrange production conditions of the factory production production, packaging from lines to colour blocks are very clear. Some of the imported brands have a unique design on the packaging of accessories specifically designed to protect intellectual property rights.

4. "Prick up your ears" and listen to the sound
Take the product and shake it to hear if there are any noises. Most of the counterfeit products are produced in backward conditions, completely manual workshop operation, the production process will inevitably be mixed with sand and other impurities, hidden in the bearing body, so when the rotation will make a noise. This is an even greater difference to genuine brands that are manufactured to strict standards and operated by machines.
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