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  • HAUTMEC 4 Way Sillcock Water Key

    SKU : PL0028

  • HAUTMEC 14 in. Universal Hand Saw

    SKU : HT0024

  • HAUTMEC Folding Utility Knife with 10pcs Blade Set

    SKU : HT0263-KN

  • HAUTMEC 30-Pack Utility Knife Blades

    SKU : HT0265

  • HAUTMEC Tape Measure 25Ft with Fraction 1/8

    SKU : HT0282

  • HAUTMEC Open Top Electrician Tool Bag

    SKU : HT0178

  • HAUTMEC 12" Prunning Saw, Sharp Stone Series


  • HAUTMEC 3PCS Plier Set Multi Pliers Tool Set

    SKU : HT0270

  • HAUTMEC Bar Clamps for Woodworking

    SKU : HT0290

  • HAUTMEC 20 oz. One Piece Forged Framing Hammer


  • HAUTMEC Tub Drain Remover Wrench


  • HAUTMEC Mini Hacksaw – Compact Hack Saw


  • HAUTMEC Extendable 27-37'' Anvil Loppers with Compound Action System


  • HAUTMEC Professional Wood Turning Chisel 8 pcs Set, Lathe Chisel Set


  • HAUTMEC Compact LED Torch USB Rechargeable 500 Lumens


  • HAUTMEC 10" Reversible Dovetail/Jamb Saw


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For over two decades we focus on hand tools and apply continuous research on well-balanced tools which with the powerful precision grip and ultimate performance.

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    Our factories are planned and managed to ensure that they are up to standard.

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    HAUTMEC committed to designing, developing and manufacturing the hand tools.

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    We sincerely expect to be one of your reliable partners in-person through quality products.

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Customer Reviews About HAUTMEC

  • Geoffrey Giampa

    Came nicely packaged,Feel durable, have some weight and while I haven't slammed them into anything they seem strong,Needle nose pliers have a spring to keep them open.

  • Edwin Schuss

    Lost the bosses t handle and replaced it with this high quality strong metal 4 way and everyone at the office loses it. Convenient to use short neck but good for most applications.

  • Mike

    I had troubles with weak blade saw when it bents and gets stuck while sawing, which hurts my hand. But this saw is strong and because of great rubber coated handle, I could saw smoothly with less strength used.